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Why Setup A Live Chat Widget On Your Healthcare Practice Website?

Live Chat Engages Patients Quickly To Drive Conversions

Adding a chat widget to your practice’s website increases new patient conversions because it aligns with the growing societal trend of texting over calling to address needs. Furthermore, because it can be set up to instantly respond, the chances of booking an appointment increase by up to 80%. Since prospective patients can rapidly gain the information they need, they’re more likely to schedule with you over your competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to some of your most pressing questions about Healthcare Live Chat System.

Live chat is a tool that allows prospective patients to obtain real-time assistance through a chat widget embedded in a practice’s website.

Typically, a patient visiting a website clicks on a button in the screen’s bottom right corner to make a chat window pop up and type in their message. A support agent joins the conversation and can communicate with the patient via text messaging and media. Afterward, a chat transcript can be sent to the patient’s email for their knowledge, and the practice gains valuable business insights for analytics.

Your Live Chat system can be custom architected to auto-respond to basic questions, and direct the patient to call in for everything else.  In this way, no time needs to be allocated, and in fact, many inquiries can be addressed without needing to allocate staff.

The most benefits from a live chat system are gained by practice owners that seek to increase conversion rates of web traffic into booked appointments and decrease staff workloads by leveraging live chat widget inquiry response automations.

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