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A press release is generally anything released by your practice that’s newsworthy communication. It will provide enough information for the public and any news outlets to write stories about. It will also provide information about how the public benefits from the information and ways they can act on it.

A press release can be written about anything that promotes yourself and your practice in the community. While possibly seeming inconsequential in your own eyes, don’t underestimate the value of your information to the public.  Publishers are hungry for content. They need to know what’s going on in your practice and field of specialty so that they can inform their readers, who may in turn be seeking your care.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to some of your most pressing questions about Syndicated Healthcare PR Press Releases.

A blog is vital to your practice and can help patients get to know you, what matters to you, and resourceful information you enjoy sharing.  It’s generally about educational information that may be important to your patients. For example, some blog topics may be:

  • 3 ways to keep your immune system healthy during flu season 
  • How to self-check for breast cancer
  • 5 misconceptions about the heart healthy foods


These are valuable topics to help educate your patients. However, they aren’t exactly newsworthy. They aren’t about your practice or about how you provision care as a provider in your community.  

Press release topics usually look more like this: 

  • Dr. Brian’s office is opening 2 new locations in Eastern and Western Loudoun County.
  • Our physicians have been recognized as U.S. News Top Doctors for the third year in a row. 
  • Dr. Young is presenting a live educational seminar about vascular health on August 15 at Green Village Senior Center 


All of these topics are newsworthy and time-sensitive.


The first part of the press release will always be the headline. The headline should make the point clear and not be too long or distracting. You can also include a sub-caption to clarify or reinforce the main title. 

First Paragraph

Your opener should include your city, state, and date the press release is effective. Include a brief introduction statement to catch the publisher’s attention. Explain any reasons why it is newsworthy and why it will benefit the community.

Main Body Text 

The body text should be a few paragraphs long and should explain in detail the reason for the press release. Make sure to give statistics and specifics of what is going on. Give any location details of practices or conferences included in your press release. Make sure to include at least one or two quotes from an owner or manager so it’s easy for an editor or publisher to incorporate them into their article or content.

Call to Action

Give the audience something to respond to. This could be addresses or office hours.

Contact info

Include a short bio of your practice, your phone number, and your email. 

A press release can be written about anything that is promoting yourself and your practice in the community. This can be a local, state, or national press release depending on the nature of the information. Keep in mind that you’ll have a greater likelihood of publishing success if you focus on your local and state market.  This is also where your patient base and referral source market is, so it generally makes sense to focus at this level for your healthcare practice.

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