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Practice Loyalty

Build A Brand That Patients Advocate For

The Practice Loyalty Solution

In this solution, we implement full-scope techniques that will bolster your brand awareness in your community and help you establish a loyal following of patients.  We institute a full-scale social media posting strategy to regularly craft, schedule, and post unique, highly-visual, graphically-designed educational, promotional, and informational posts relevant to your practice and its offered services (captioned and hashtagged to target your patient audience) across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram as well as Google My Business.  Since, in today’s world, patients in the United States spend an average of 2.5 hours per day on social media, this strategy strategically positions your practice to create loyal followers that advocate for you to grow organically via social media spread as well as by real-world word-of-mouth (by staying “top-of-mind” in patient’s social media newsfeeds).

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