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Practice Ignition

Ignite New Patient Volume Growth in Bursts

The Practice Ignition Solution

This is the solution where we apply hyper-targeted, HIPAA-compliant Pay-Per-Click Google and Facebook Advertising strategies directed toward geographically and demographically specified individuals that have online markers indicating that they may already be interested in obtaining your specific services.  We craft PPC Ads into monthly campaigns so to ignite new patients through your doors in episodic bursts.

However, we want to caution you that this strategy is not necessarily effective nor recommended for all types of medical practices.  Firstly, it’s a high-investment, high-risk strategy with the potential for high-reward if harnessed appropriately.  Secondly, it is only worth considering if your practice’s other, far more foundational, marketing strategies are effectively in place and fully optimized, including your:  1.) medical website, 2.) SEO strategies, 3.) social media channels, and 4.) online reputation.  We’d need to do a thorough analysis of your specialty type, practice needs, and overall goals in order to determine if this strategy is a good fit or not… otherwise… you can end up “donating” your money to Google and Facebook with little to no ROI!  On the flip side, if this strategy makes sense for your practice and is appropriately implemented and executed, the ROI for medical practices can potentially be as high as you earning $2 for every $1 you spend! 

We will only ever recommend this strategy to medical practices that are willing to experiment with a portion of their marketing budget in high-risk, high potential reward paid advertising campaign tests.  If this is not the case, then this strategy is simply not for your practice. 

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