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The Practice Foundation Solution

Our Practice Foundation solution is designed for small medical practices or those that are in a start-up phase and require the most essential, viable basis for patient acquisition.  We understand that start-ups typically have restricted budgets and curbed cash flows, therefore we’ve priced this plan at an incredibly low rate for the value that it will add to your practice.   

The critical core digital infrastructure for a medical practice is the practice website, its hosting, its security, and its maintenance.  It’s critical that your website is professionally-crafted, SEO-optimized, mobile-responsive, and is architected with a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure.  HIPAA-compliance is precisely why DIY and freelancer-built websites are extremely dangerous for medical practices; most do not ensure such compliance measures!  

Furthermore, without these features securely in place and fully optimized, you will not even be in consideration for patients to find you online, thereby missing out on significant patient volume gain potential.  Additionally, this foundation is absolutely necessary for the rest of your digital marketing efforts to work at all, otherwise they will be nullified to the point of uselessness.  

As a bonus, beyond the implementation of these foundations, we’ll help you optimize your Google My Business profile for free so that your practice is positioned to populate in local online searches.

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