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Frequently Asked Questions

Partner with Acquire Patients:  Your Total Medical Practice Marketing Growth Solution.

As an end-to-end full-spectrum medical practice-focused digital marketing service provider, Acquire Patients has a host of solutions to develop your online presence.  By integrating digital solutions to parallel and marry every step of the patient journey — the steps that real-world patients take to find and select a medical practice to receive care from — we create a seamless marketing strategy that bolsters your practice growth via online presence and awareness.  Essentially, in our “digital-first” era, we harness the channels by which potential patients become actual patients, and we drive them through your medical practice’s doors!

We craft an optimized website designed to convert your website visitors into your actual patients.  We help you with brand awareness and how searchable you are on Google with SEO strategies and implementation.  We boost your social presence by developing and continuously updating your social media pages.  To improve your online reputation, we generate patient-centered campaigns that draw in positive reviews for you and your practice. We empower your practice with patient-centered content and engagement campaigns that drive patient retention. Running PPC ads boosts patient acquisition — we professionally develop and manage these ads for your medical practice so you can ignite growth!

No.  By implementing SEO and Local SEO techniques, you can generate free, organic traffic toward your medical practice.  In fact, properly performed SEO solutions build your digital ‘equity’ as the increase your medical practice website’s domain authority (the degree to which a search engine trust your site), and this authority helps maximize your visibility online.  Content development and social media channels likewise enable you to solidify steady patient acquisition and retention. 

By regularly updating your social media channels with relevant content that is designed for patient education and patient engagement, medical practices and other organizations in the healthcare industry can boost their social media presence.  Acquire Patients architects optimized social media pages for medical practices and creates engaging social media posts that are fully designed with graphics elements, patient-centered content, and relevant hashtags to maximize patient interest and overall presence. 

By utilizing a cadence of internal patient surveys, Acquire Patients enables your practice to properly, safely, and successfully generate online reviews from patients that actually improve your online presence, domain authority, and how searchable you are on Google. 

Unlike many digital marketing companies, we do not use (and do not recommend using) shortcuts like automated review gating tools that have been raising red flags with the Federal Trade Commission. Instead, we do the hard work and manual labor to properly generate real reviews for your medical practice. Google and other review sites favor displaying companies with positive reviews, but they have started removing reviews obtained by gating and channeling positive reviews only.  In fact, search engines are even banning websites from search results due to this unethical but widespread practice!  By partnering with Acquire Patients, you never have to worry about this, and in fact, quite the opposite:  with Acquire Patients you can delight in the knowledge that as we acquire real patient reviews for your practice, we are building-up your positive reputation, overall SEO presence, and domain authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines!

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