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Cultivate Your Main Sources Of New Patient Influx

The majority of private practices have never created any types of outreach plan for doctor-to-doctor marketing.  Practices that do establish such a plan receive vastly more referrals than those that don’t.  Most private practices lack the staff and resources needed to build and nurture relationships with other doctors, especially with the high cost of hiring a worthwhile physician liaison or field marketing professional.  That’s where we come in:

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This is often due to ‘benign neglect.’  When the referral stream is flowing and it seems that inbound patients arrive at your doorstep ‘automatically,’ the recipient practices tends to forget the need to maintain relations with referral sources beyond standard note-sharing.  Herein, competitors swoop in with a process-focused customer service plan.

We’ll handle the entire end-to-end logistics of coordinating the meeting; all you have to do is meet your referral source at their office on the designated date and time (blocked on your calendar well in advance). 

There are many subject you and the potential referral source can discuss, to point out a few:  Introduce yourself and your practices.  Share your training and background and why you launched your practice.  Explain the unique value you bring to your patients and how working with you is easier for the referral source.  What set you apart from competitors?  What insurances are you in-network with?  How can you help the referral sources improve their own care and cost-containment metrics?  Make sure to learn what the referral source’s preferred process is for sending referrals and receiving notes.  Though you are talking to the physician(s), don’t forget to ask who the referral coordinators are; it’s important that your office know who to communicate with at their office to streamline inbound referrals and outgoing notes.

Referral source relationship building is about trust, doctor to doctor.  We can handle all the logistics surrounding the meeting engagement, but you have to introduce yourself to the source.  We can “lead the horse (i.e. you) to water,” but you have to be the one to drink.  

If you have a physician liaison, then you may not qualify for or require our Referral Source Generation Program.  If you’re looking to scale, we can discuss our other growth programs that will integrate with your physician liaison’s work rather than overlap with it.  

You don’t need a physician liaison if you use our program.  In fact, you can save a tremendous amount of money using our program instead of hiring a physician liaison. 

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