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Online Reviews Generation

Win More Patients With Positive Online Reviews

Online Reviews Generation

There’s absolutely no doubt that online reviews are among the most critical digital assets that drive patients toward or away from your healthcare practice.

Steadily increasing your volume of positive reviews across high-traffic search engines (i.e. Google) and trusted, industry-specific review sites (i.e. RateMDs, Healthgrades, Vitals, etc.) is essential for maintaining a strong online reputation and attracting more patients to you.

In case you doubt this, take a look at these jaw-dropping statistics:

  • 94% of all healthcare patients utilize online reviews in order to evaluate providers.  (Source: Software Advice)
  • 84% of patients trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.  (Source: Inc.)
  • Potential patients form an opinion about a healthcare practice or provider after reading only 1-6 online reviews.  (Source: RevLocal)
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How Does Acquire Patients Help Generate More Positive Online Reviews?

A lot of healthcare marketing agencies dump online reviews tools/widgets/platforms on healthcare practices and proclaim them to be “the best thing since sliced bread.”  Because these agencies are not founded by leaders within the healthcare industry, they fundamentally fail to realize that medical, dental, therapy, and all other types of healthcare practices are drowning in administrative burdens, and all these “amazing tools” are just adding further to the practice’s burden.  With the help of clever sales folks, these agencies even convince practice owners/partners, providers, administrators, and office managers that they need these “exclusive” tools, and some unlucky souls get duped into paying out hefty monthly fees just to have access to these online reviews tools, which they never truly have the time to learn, let alone actually use!

Sound familiar?  

At Acquire Patients, our leadership team members have personally transformed dozens of stagnant healthcare practices into thriving, high-revenue organizations.  With real-world practice leadership experience, we know that:  1.) practices are drowning in administrative overload, and 2.) the financial margins for medical practices have become incredibly thin, and thus, affordability is a real concern.  Therefore, Acquire Patients has crafted a fully Done-For-You, highly affordable solution regarding Online Reviews Generation, so you don’t have to lift a finger and just watch the reviews roll in!  

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At Acquire Patients, we harness the power of email marketing automation coupled with manual data entry/analysis to drive a workflow process that syndicates surveys to patients for internal feedback, and follows up with patient-centered, one-click requests for reviews.  This process enables the gradual, steady, and continuous generation of positive online reviews.

Only 24% of potential patients believe that positive reviews older than 3 months are relevant to the current state of affairs of a practice.  Knowing the rapidly evolving landscape of businesses, patients feel that older positive reviews are just not valuable.  Yet, 76% of patients believe that negative reviews up to 2 years old are relevant to the current state of affairs of a practice.  The consumer psychology behind this follows in the same vein as the fact that it takes a minimum viewing of 6 positive reviews to counterbalance a single negative review in a patient’s mind.  Given these statistics, it’s more important than ever to continuously generate positive online reviews month after month.

Growing a steady stream of online reviews is a necessary component to both drive patient decision-making and improve local SEO.  With Acquire Patients, you can gain more positive online reviews and attract more patients to your practice without lifting a finger!

  • Enhance local SEO visibility
  • Boost long-term SEO growth 
  • Attract more new patients to your practice
  • Establish a stronger brand presence and reputation
  • Win patients over competitors that don’t prioritize reviews

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