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Internal Patient Surveys

Gather Patient Feedback And Prove You Care

Internal Patient Surveys

Sending out internal patient surveys via email is an excellent way to demonstrate to patients that you care about their opinions and voices in how their overall patient experience was in your medical practice.  Internal patient surveys enable medical practices to correct issues that are presented within the feedback of the survey so that the practice can serve its patients better, thereby enhancing the patient experience, which boosts the possibility of growing via word-of-mouth — one of the most powerful, organic marketing mechanisms that has lasted the test of time.  Furthermore, by monitoring the reviews that come in, an email sequence can be established to gain online reviews as well! 

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How Else Do Internal Patient Surveys Benefit My Medical Practice?

By receiving an email with a patient survey after their visit, patients feel like they are being heard. Patients who believe that they have had a poor experience at your medical practice are also far less likely to go online and post negative reviews.  These patients are also far less likely to attempt to pursue legal recourse!  Once patients feel heard, much of their potential anger toward a medical practice dissipates, and this can save your practice from many downstream legal, financial, time, stress, and reputation issues. Therefore, harnessing a service like that offered by Acquire Patients to generate internal patient surveys is critical to managing your medical practice’s overall reputation and wellbeing.

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You can pull a daily, weekly, or monthly list of all your patients seen from your EMR/EHR system, extract their email addresses, harness a mass email tool to send a blast to your patient email list, and track the responses to gather actionable insights, analytics, response trends, and opportunities for online review engagement.  Enacting a cohesive strategy that generates ROI for your medical practice can become rather time-consuming and overwhelming for medical practices that are already administratively overloaded.  That said, the ROI of implementing such a practice is massive.  Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to partner with a firm like Acquire Patients to manage and analyze internal patient surveys on your behalf!

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