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Inaccurate Reviews Flagging

Remove Inaccurate Reviews To Rectify Your Medical Practice's Reputation

Inaccurate Reviews Flagging

There are a whole host of reasons why inaccurate reviews about your medical practice get posted online.  Perhaps a competitor is attempting to sabotage you, perhaps a perturbed patient is enacting his or her revenge, or perhaps the review was for Dr. Smith down the street, not you!  Regardless of the reason, inaccurate reviews are a rather commonplace occurrence and need to be addressed to rectify your medical practice’s online reputation.  

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What is Inaccurate Reviews Flagging?

Flagging inaccurate reviews involves contacting review sites and/or harnessing flagging instruments on reviews that are untruthful or inaccurate so to attempt to get these reviews removed.  While successfully having inaccurate reviews removed from online review sites is extremely challenging and rather uncommon, nonetheless, it is a worthwhile effort even if just a handful of negative inaccurate reviews can be removed.  Acquire Patients has had success in flagging and removing inaccurate reviews for medical practices — partner with us so we can help you too and enable you to win back your online reputation, which never should have been tarnished in the first place!

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Doing such an action would trigger suspicious behavior algorithms on review sites, and most likely shut down your capacity to have any actually inaccurate reviews removed.  You may even get banned from interfacing with the review site altogether while negative reviews about you and your medical practice will still be populated.  Therefore, such a course of action must be avoided at all costs.

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