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Practice Press Releases

Build Your Medical Practice's Credibility With Your Latest Updates Distributed Across Healthcare News Channels

Practice Press Releases

Your medical practice’s brand credibility is among the most critical aspects of your overall marketing strategy.  This is because your brand’s credibility influences target patient and community perception, thoughts, and behaviors.  The more the community believes and accepts your medical practice as the go-to solution to their clinical needs, and the more you as a physician are perceived as an expert in your field, the more brand credibility you build, and the more patients you will attract.

When reflecting on all the brand products and services you yourself utilize, those which are covered by news sources strengthen a community perception of credibility and trust.  How do they gain this coverage?  Press Releases!

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How Can A Press Release Help My Medical Practice?

Press releases serve as an excellent tool for medical practices to bolster their online presence, enhance credibility, generate buzz, and market their practice to the community.  Press releases also serve as an excellent mechanism to share new services offered and developments occurring within a medical practice.  It is important that the press release is written professionally and not in an excessively “sales”-like manner.  

Curious about what topics you may what to share in a press release?  Here are some possibilities:

  • Did your practice participate in or sponsor a charity or fundraising event? 
  • Did your practice recently obtain new technology? 
  • Have or other providers in your practice received any awards or recognitions?
  • Is your practice providing a new service or treatment to patients?
  • Did your practice recently hit a milestone such as a 10 year anniversary, etc.

All of these topics are truly worthy of press releases, which can serve as a boon to boost your practice engagement with the community and increase new patient volume.  

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A well-crafted press release will not see the light of day without reports and journalists picking up the content and deciding to push and publish it.  In order for a press release to garner success, it’s headline must be catchy to reporters and journalists. Here are seven tips for writing well-crafted headlines:

  • Use an active voice.
  • Include interesting data if possible.
  • Don’t present as sales pitch.
  • Be witty, but not overtly comedic.
  • Check for grammar mistakes.
  • Be clear and succinct, ensuring that your critical keywords are within the first 60 characters.  

Journalists and reporters have to sift through 100s of potential releases daily.  Thus, ensuring that your release’s headline grabs their attention and gives them a reason to care is vital for success!

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