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Practice Awareness

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The Practice Awareness Solution

This solution implements the full-spectrum of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to:

  • empower digital security (host optimization), 
  • enhance medical website architecture for speed (technical SEO), 
  • augment patient-driven keyword searchability (on-page SEO), 
  • establish practice online authority for scalability (off-page SEO), and 
  • target patients via geographic specificity (local SEO). 

We couple SEO with a professionally-crafted cadence of digital literature including blog posts and articles relevant to your patient base, furthering your SEO reach and empowering your authoritativeness even further in both Google’s search algorithms as well as in the eyes of your new potential and current patient bases. 

The utility of this mid-to-long term solutions is that it gradually and continually builds “digital equity” for your practice, thereby positioning your for reliable, predictable growth over time.  If your medical practice’s goal is steady, organic growth, this solution is for you! We recommend this plan to all medical practices (in fact, all local service-providing businesses) that are savvy enough to recognize that marketing is an investment in sustained growth.  

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