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Patient-Centered Campaigns

Retain Patients By Positioning Yourself As An Educational Resource

Patient Education Email Campaigns

Establishing yourself as an ongoing educational resource for patients enables you to:

  • boost existing patient retention
  • establish “top-of-mind” awareness of your brand
  • increase patient engagement 
  • drive word-of-mouth advocacy
  • solidify patient and community trust in your expertise 
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How Do Patient Education Email Campaigns Help My Medical Practice?

When effectively implemented and distributed on a consistent basis, delivering patient education email campaigns can help your medical practice with both growth and retention.  Some key benefits include:

  • Bolster patient re-visits and follow-ups:  In many instances, both Primary Care Providers and Specialists encounter the fact that patients fail to continue adhering to their follow-up plan and/or have started harnessing urgent care settings rather than continuing on with re-visits.  Texts and phone calls set just before the date of an appointment often are not enough to stimulate adherence. A well-crafted regular newsletter provides an additional ongoing touchpoint to stay top-of-mind on patients’ radars and reinforce the need for their continuing medical care.
  • Increase patient volume for specific services: There are many instances where patients are simply unfamiliar with the full scope of services that a medical practice offers.  In such instances, patient education emails and newsletters can serve an excellent tool to discuss core services that you’d like to promote. Why not use the opportunity to professionally educate and inform patients about the services you want to promote most? Current patients can be your greatest allies in advocating for you and generating new patient volume!
  • Encourage brand awareness and referrals: If structured in an optimally engaging manner, your patient education emails can  encourage patients to share and forward your messaging and content with the simple click of a button.  This can serve as a springboard to make more people aware of your medical practice in your community.
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Most medical practices initiate an email campaign for their patient base, only to find themselves forgetting to maintain it after a few months.  The greatest barrier to success regarding email campaigns is failure to continue over the long haul.  As a long-term marketing strategy, it is important to continue to send monthly education emails to your patient base.  Two tips:  

  • Don’t use someone internal to manage monthly email campaigns.  As soon as your practice gets busy operationally and clinically, marketing (as a whole) is the first thing that gets forgotten about, and the long-term consequences are that your medical practice fails to nurture your growth and development pipeline.  This ultimately results in future diminishing patient volumes due to lack of consistent patient retention and acquisition pathways.
  • Don’t utilize a system that requires your manual input, time, and labor.  Many digital marketing companies require that your staff does the work to find, sort, extract, download, and send the patient list on a monthly basis.  This can be a time-consuming and stressful process when added on top of all the administrative burdens medical practices are already facing, especially when having to manually remove all the patients that opt to unsubscribe.  Instead, work with a HIPAA-compliant company like Acquire Patients that can navigate your practice management system to email patients, completely unburdening you and your staff. 

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