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Create A Positive Brand Image By Engaging Your Patient Feedback

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Why Should I Engage My Reviews?

Build Your Practice's Credibility By Sharing & Responding To Your Online Reviews

One of the keys to building brand trust with your patients is through communication. Of course, there are many ways you communicate, but if you’ve ever left customer feedback, whether that’s through a review, survey, or other formats, and the company followed up with you, how did you feel? Chances are you felt special. Why? Because that communication was only for you. Patients want to be seen and heard. Replying to reviews is an important opportunity to clarify a situation, provide additional context and information, and offer support. So do it in the easiest manner possible using our partner platform! 

Furthermore, you can share your positive reviews on your social media channels s in one click, and you can embed website widgets to display all your positive reviews.  Our partner platform even lets you capture and share video testimonials from patients in a matter of a few clicks! 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to some of your most pressing questions about our Healthcare Online Reviews Engagement System.

According to patients, practices that respond to reviews are considered nearly twice as trustworthy than practices that don’t.

Replying to reviews establishes a two-way connection with your patients. It makes your practice brand human to them and to everyone else who might be reading the reviews. It’s these types of humanized, emotional connections that ultimately drive brand loyalty. 

The number of reviews and your practice’s overall review score are factored into local search ranking, as are review responses. Review responses signal to Google that the page is actively managed. Your listing is thus rewarded by Google with increased online exposure as a result. 

Sharing your positive reviews is essential to win new patient validation and existing patient loyalty.  Thus, showcasing your reviews serves as both a patient attraction and retention strategy.  Our system enables you to easily embed your reviews on your website and share your reviews on social media in just one click! 

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