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Facebook Advertising

PPC Social Advertising for Targerted Patient Acquisition

Facebook Advertising

Facebook enables medical practices to harness its powerful demographic research tools to pinpoint and target the exact types of patients you’d want your ads to be served to.  However, it takes extreme setup and management prowess and deep Paid Social knowledge in order to effectively run successful Facebook campaigns.  Poorly managed, you’re basically donating to Facebook; well-managed, you can see a 3x to 5x ROI!  Let our experts at Acquire Patients run your medical practice’s Facebook Ads and ignite patient acquisition. 

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Why Should I Run Facebook Ads for My Medical Practice?

There are a number of advantages for medical practices that decide to use PPC Social Ad channels like Facebook for advertising: 

  1. Increase patient volume by directly targeting the appropriate demographics that would most likely be interested in your ad.
  2. Increase brand awareness by eliciting likes and shares of well-designed ads. 
  3. Target ideal patients with factors like age, gender, job title, interests, likes, etc. by setting up campaigns channeling these demographics that you are most interested in targeting.
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Running PPC ad campaigns like Facebook ads can be extremely costly.  However, the ROI can be exponential.  You should not run Facebook, or any other PPC ad campaign without the aid of experts like those at Acquire Patients.  Also, depending on your specialty, you may want to ignite exponential growth with different Ad platforms like Google Ads.  For example, if a patient is in need of urgent medical attention, they will likely search Google to find the closest urgent care, not scroll through their Facebook feed.  However, if you are a patient with chronic knee pain, and after months and months come across more and more Facebook Ads in your feed for a particular orthopedic practice, then you will likely explore further to book an appointment.  So in one instance, Google Ads were better, and in another instance, Facebook Ads were highly effective.  Thus, at Acquire Patients, we always assess what is best for medical practices given the full-spectrum of their business processes.

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