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Why Create Long-Form Content?

Content That Sets You Up As An Authority

The goal of long-form writing is to give current or prospective patients valuable information. You can lengthen the time spent on your website and boost the value to your reader by writing lengthy pieces on disease processes, treatment protocols, field innovations, and so on, but only if your articles are actionably valuable to your target patient audience.

Additionally, you can increase lead generation by search engine optimizing your website and including calls to action inside the body of your content. Your articles will be more likely to appear on the first page of SERPs, and you can direct patient traffic to book an appointment based on the relevancy of the long-form writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to some of your most pressing questions about Long-Form Content For Patients.

If you construct a library of lengthy content that patients find useful, you can establish a reputation as a resource they turn to first when they need answers.

Patient-Centered Long-Form Content offers three core benefits:

  • Higher SERP rankings to generate more patient leads
  • Authority positioning to capture more referral sources
  • Increased patient retention via value-based engagement

Unlike most marketing agencies, we are staffed with SEO-focused medical writers that craft long-form content which is designed to convert patients whilst also incorporating all the appropriate medical disclaimers to protect the practice from potential misuse of information.  

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