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Why Do I Need A Professional Medical Practice Website?

Medical Practice Website Design & Development

In our “digital-first” era, your medical practice’s website is your first impression to potential patients.  It communicates your practice’s brand identity, embodies your degree of professionalism, and delineates the benefits you provide to patients. 

With decades of experience developing healthcare websites, the Acquire Patients web experts specialize in creating medical websites designed to:

  • Attract new patients to your practice to boost medical practice growth
  • Maximize converting website visitors into booked appointments
  • Retain your existing patient base
  • Establish a mobile-optimized, hyper-responsive, patient-centric layout
  • Drive an SEO infrastructure to get found above competitors online
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How Does Acquire Patients Help Craft A Truly Professional Website For Your Practice?

A lot of medical website design and development agencies create generic, un-engaging websites for medical practices that are not truly constructed to convert website visitors into patients.  At Acquire Patients, we focus on crafting websites that welcome, inform, nurture and convert patients searching for solutions into actual booked appointments.  We do this by focusing on the patient’s digital experience and psychologically matching it with what patients would expect from a “first-digital impression” perspective of their potential future provider’s office:

  • Professional aesthetic — a modern, well-design, “clean” website psychologically conveys a modern, up-to-date, clean office.
  • Mobile-optimized website access — a website that is optimized to be accessible via mobile devices (>70% of patients find their providers via mobile searches) psychologically conveys an accessible, patient-centric office visit.
  • Fast loading time — a fast, efficient website psychologically conveys an efficient practice.
  • Easy navigation — a patient-friendly website psychologically conveys a patient-friendly practice with friendly providers and office staff.
  • Conversion rate optimization — an effective website that accentuates the capacity to drive patient decision-making psychologically conveys a demonstration of driving effective results for the patient’s needs. 
  • Educational content — educational content on your website psychologically conveys a feeling to the patient that you are truly an expert authority in your field, thus crafting a pre-visit bond of trust.

At Acquire Patients, our leadership team members have personally transformed dozens of new, stagnant, and/or struggling medical practices into thriving, high-revenue organizations.  We recognize the ever-increasing administrative burdens and financial challenges independent medical practices face.  We also know that, despite all the talking points about value-based care initiatives, real-world practices require the maximization of patient volume to scale and prosper.  That’s why we at Acquire Patients create and manage high-converting, SEO-optimized websites specifically for medical practices at highly affordable rates.  

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Having a professionally developed medical practice website is the very foundation of your digital presence and is very often the first impression a patient will get regarding both you and your practice.  Therefore, your website’s design aesthetic and developmental structure is absolutely critical to drive patient decision-making.  It also lays the essential foundation to improve search engine optimization (SEO) rankings for conditions and treatments that you’d like for potential patients to find you for online.  With Acquire Patients, your most important digital asset — your website — is 100% taken care of!

  • Establish HIPAA compliant navigation
  • Follow ADA guidelines
  • Enhance SEO visibility
  • Boost long-term SEO growth 
  • Attract more new patients to your practice
  • Establish a powerful brand infrastructure
  • Win patients over competitors that don’t prioritize having a patient-centered, high-conversion structured, mobile-optimized website

Many high quality website design and development companies charge 5-figure fees for a professional medical practice website, coupled with monthly website maintenance fees of that can run around 4-figure fees per month!  At Acquire Patients, we craft and maintain medical practice websites custom-tailored to your unique practice and business growth model for a fraction of the cost!

We are simultaneously affordable yet deliver the highest quality work because we crafted our company structure to eliminate all unnecessary overhead costs, and we’ve passed on our savings to our client medical practices:  

  1. Our founders are simultaneously healthcare executives and digital marketing leaders so we don’t have to hire extraneous layers of executive-level, senior-level, and middle-level management.
  2. We arose during the COVID-19 pandemic so we instituted “virtual-first” protocols, policies, and procedures, thereby totally eliminating the need for office space and most hardware expenses altogether. 
  3. We know our market and we know that the financial cards are stacked against independent medical practices.  Therefore, we’ve constructed internal workflows processes to create the best medical practice websites at the lowest rates.  We’ve been able to create such optimized processes because we exclusively specialize in crafting medical websites and medical digital marketing channels — 24/7 with 100% focus — unlike other website and digital marketing companies who are typically broad-scope generalists that create websites for any and every industry.  
  4. We are on a mission to help independent medical practices thrive.  We believe the best patient care comes from providers that can call the shots with regard to patient care without being chained to mega-footprint facility administrators, venture capitalists, or other opportunistic middlemen leeching off of the inefficiencies of the healthcare industry.  We adamantly believe that healthcare should be led and driven by physicians and healthcare providers that are focused on delivering excellent care to their patients without being shackled by others holding competing interests.  Thus, we want to bolster support for independent physicians and providers by handling their web and digital needs at the most affordable rates possible without compromising a single iota on quality. 

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