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Social Pages Optimization

Optimize Your Social Media Pages to Propel Social Account Activity for Your Medical Practice

Social Pages Optimization

Acquire Patients optimizes your medical practice social media pages by developing, assessing, auditing, and modifying social accounts with respect to both their content and graphics so to implement best practices specifically structured for each social channel.

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Why Optimize My Social Pages?

There are three core benefits for your medical practice with regard to social pages optimization:

  1. Boost your content’s overall visibility and reach so to drive increased engagement, including likes, clicks, shares, and general traffic. 
  2. Provide a clear mechanism by which to assess your marketing activities and ROI via social media.  
  3. Establish a strategic methodology for content creation that structured for maximizing brand awareness.
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Key factors that need to be optimized include:

  1. The business page of your accounts.
  2. Keyword social searchability of your content.
  3. Content strategy regarding frequency, volume, and asset types.
  4. Individualized post captions and hashtags.
  5. Links directing traffic from posts to URLs.
  6. Metrics measured to guage performance.

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