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Social Media Posting

Boost Patient Engagement with Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting

In our ‘digital-first’ era, where the average person consumes 2.5 hours of social media each day, marketing via social media channels has become an absolutely critical element of medical practice growth and patient engagement.  However, managing social media channels optimally with regular posting developing and scheduling can be a very tedious task for most already-overwhelmed and administratively burdened medical practices.  At Acquire Patients, we professionally craft patient-centered posts optimized for your medical practice’s social channels so that you can develop brand awareness, drive patient acquisition, and maximize engagement for patient retention. 

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Why Does My Medical Practice Need To Post On Social Media?

By harnessing social media channels, medical practices create an presence wherein patients can immediately connect and interact with your brand while also being able to share and connect your brand to other people like family and friends with a simple button click.  By sharing their experiences at your medical practice or sharing your other interesting content posts with more potential patients, you build a word-of-mouth nexus for your medical practice.  This can have a multiplicative ROI for your practice in the long-term with regular, consistent posting upkeep that follows the best practices of social media channels.  If you want to establish your medical practice’s social media presence, contact Acquire Patients today. 

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Successful Social Media Posting is driven by maintaining a consistent cadence of regularly scheduled posts disseminating relevant content that is engaging for your patient base.  The four key factors to consider while creating each individual post is the relevancy of its caption content, its hashtags, its linking structure, and its graphic design.  The goal is to maximally engage existing patients so to keep your medical practice top-of-mind.  This boosts patient retention while also creating “brand ambassadors” for your medical practice, thereby enabling word-of-mouth spread of your brand. 

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