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Social Media Engagement

Engage Your Patients On Social Media To Drive Conversions

Social Media Engagement

People of all demographics are now on social media for an average of 2.5 hours per day!  Social media channels have become a ubiquitous source for consumers of content, and this includes your patients!  Therefore, it is critical that you have a well-crafted, concretely branded social media presence with the capability of responding to patients that may have inquiries about your medical practice.  Engaging patients on social channels has to be done in a safe, secure, HIPAA-compliant manner so to drive patient acquisition while stay clear of potential regulatory issues. 

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How Can I Use Social Media To Engage Patients?

Social media can enable your medical practice to acquire new patients, strengthen bonds with existing patients, and help you nourish practice brand ambassadors,” or patients willing to promote your practice via reviews, referrals, and testimonials.

A few strategies to use when engaging the patient community on social media include:

  1. Make Yourself Readily Connectable — add linked social icons to all your digital assets such as your website so that people feel invited to learn and explore more about you.  Make sure that people on your social pages can readily connect with your or follow you.
  2. Display Your Unique Presence — aside from a strictly educational approach, post staff birthday parties, show off new equipment and services you offer, display patient architectural improvements, etc.  This adds a human element to your practice regarding relatability, positivity, and a demonstrable quest for celebrating continuous improvements.
  3. Check the Pulse of Your Environment and Target Audience — it’s critical that someone monitors your practice’s social pages for comments and responds to them; but beyond this, you must assess and review pages of competitors and general trends in the industry to which your target audience is responding so that you can glean strategic insights on how to progress your practice toward the implementation of capabilities that attract patients while eliminating those workflow tools, or perhaps even services and procedures, that patients find ineffective or inefficient.
  4. Encourage Participation — ask followers to like and share posts linked to blog articles you’ve written, ask them what they think about particular medically-relevant topics, and ask simple, engaging questions such as “Did you get your flu shot?” when linking an article about the benefits, etc.  This type of engagement, stylized in an educational/informative yet positive/uplifting tone can be a large draw for patients to want to connect with you and get treated by you.
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While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this, generally you can encourage and direct such patients to call your medical practice to discuss these issues, and if deemed appropriate, book an appointment.  This moves the discussion offline to prevent you from unintentionally violating HIPAA while at the same time moving the patient toward appointment booking so you can treat them properly and get reimbursed for your efforts.

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