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Off-page SEO

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Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is all about establishing a powerful presence online by having external digital sources connect to your medical practice’s website.  These connections, or links to your website, are considered to be among the most important factors for your website’s SEO ranking. In Google’s eyes, links pointing back to your website from other websites are essentially considered endorsements for your website.  Thus, with greater, high-authority “endorsements,” search engines gain confidence in your website and rank it higher, thereby increasing patient awareness of your practice. 

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What Does Off-page SEO Entail?

When it comes to implementing an effective link-building strategy, having a few high-quality links (from websites that have high Domain Authority) pointing back to your medical practice website is a far more powerful way to boost your search engine rankings as compared to having a vast quantity of low-quality backlinks. 

Ideally, you want to have an ever-increasing number of high-quality backlinks.  It’s a very challenging aspect of SEO to achieve.  Some strategies include outreaching (via email to social media) to high Domain Authority website owners and requesting to create and post a well-written blog post on their site which includes a do-follow link to your website, creating a local, state, or national pre-medical or medical school scholarship and backlinking it from universities to your website, crafting high-quality content so that others naturally link back to your content pages, and finding other creative ways to connect with folks and inquire about having them link back to you.  As you can imagine, backlinking can be a very tedious, time-consuming, and laborious process; this is why it is important to partner with a firm like Acquire Patients to take this challenge off your plate and help you grow while you focus on your core business — the practice of medicine!

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Just as a high number of internal links to a page within a website tells search engines that this page on your medical practice website is important, the same principle applies to having other websites link back to your website, demonstrating that your website is important. The quality of the linking website is critical.  You want to have backlinks pointing to you from websites with high domain authority (meaning, sites that are already considered as expert, authoritative, and trustworthy in the eyes of search engines).  High domain authority sites pass on their ranking power to you via backlink building.

Your link profile is the make-up of your inbound links to your site:  number of links, quality of links, diversity of links, etc.  Your link profile tells search engines how your sites relates to others on the internet and where it stands in rank.

  • Building artificial links is a “black hat” SEO tactic that can get your site banned from search engines or destroy your SEO value.
  • Organic links by creating powerful content is the healthiest way to get natural backlinks referencing your site so to gain domain authority and not lose it!
  • Links from sites that are topically relevant to your site add better SEO value to your website pages as they do not confuse search engines about your site data.
  • Anchor text from sites pointing back to you should be varied and reasonably put into content on those sites so that you get real traffic.
  • Avoid: spammy links, purchased links, excessive link exchanges or reciprocation with partners, and low-quality directory links.  These can kill your SEO value.  You are not going to ‘out-smart’ Google with spammy, purchased, low-quality links, so don’t jeopardize your medical practice website’s SEO ranking potential.  Let professionals at firms like Acquire Patients help you build your link profile by creating:  earned links, authoritative pages linking to you, increased links, relevant source links, relevant anchors for links, and links bringing qualified traffic.
  • Seek happy patients and partners to affix your logos/badges to their sites about you, and offer to write testimonials about them from you with your link.
  • Offer to publish a high-quality guest post on authoritative medical websites.
  • Create unique medical content resources and digital assets that are widely shareable on social media sources.
  • Target high domain authority resources with your own resource pages.
  • Engage with the local medical community to link to you by providing scholarships, donations to worthy causes, jobs and internships, and real-world partnerships.

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