Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring to Enhance Patient Outcomes and Grow Revenue at Your Practice

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Acquire Patients’s Care Solutions Help You Improve Outcomes For Your Complex Patients While Capturing Revenue For Your Practice Without Added Work.

  • Get Paid For The Work That You Are Already Doing—Over $185 Per Patient Per Month Reimbursement Potential.
  • Low-To-No-Touch Program In Which Ongoing Patient Monitoring, Outreach & Billing Can Be Fully Done-For-You.
  • Zero Frontend Costs Enable You To Add These New Revenue Streams Without Worrying About Overhead Or Cashflow.

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The program team monitors and engages patients so they can get the right care at the right time while informing the practice.

The program team captures device-based vitals and self-reported subjective data to help slow disease progression.


The program team informs you when patients transition between care settings to help you prevent gaps in care.

The program team tracks non-physician therapeutic care team activities for defensible billing documentation.

Discover how Acquire Patients empowers practice growth via our full-service preventative care management programs.

It’s pretty straightforward: Our programs leverage the work you are already doing, coupled with our team’s outreach and monitoring on behalf of your practice, to turn care management activities into reimbursable events and compliant documentation that CMS proactively wants practices to adopt.

Top Benefits You Can Expect with Acquire Patients

Real-Time Visibility

Gain Complete Visibility Of Patients’ Status Based On Real-Time Data Captured Directly From Your Patients.

Staff are automatically notified when patient trends fall outside of the clinical thresholds set, helping them to focus their time on patients who need it most. In-depth real-time patient vitals can be viewed with the click of a button to give you total clinical visibility into the status of your patients, driving the success of your preventative care management program.

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Improved Patient Outcomes

When Patients And Providers Are Better Connected, Everyone Wins.

A lot can happen between a patient’s visits to your office. That’s why Acquire Patients’s Remote Care Solutions make it easy for your team to always stay informed about patients’ status. In a Done-For-You manner, we empower you with a real-time data dashboard, as we do the work of effectively and proactively monitoring and reaching out to your complex patients, thus enabling you to drive better care outcomes for your patients.

Enhanced Productivity

Don’t Burden Your Already-Busy Staff.

We serve as an extension to your team and first line of contact to triage onboarded patients whose vitals fall outside clinical thresholds, so your staff is free to do what you need. You’ll get automated notifications of abnormal events if you want to jump in, but regardless, we’ll let you know if a situation demands you’re attention. Furthermore, real-time reports give you clinical and financial visibility into the success of your preventative care management programs. 

Higher Reimbursements

Get Reimbursed For The Work You Already Do.

CMS keeps increasing reimbursement rates for preventative care management. As a Done-For-You solution, Acquire Patients deploys the necessary monitoring and outreach to create a total, low-to-no-touch, reimbursable care management program within your practice.  We even provide Done-For-You billing if desired to fully take your hands off all admin hassles. In summary, we enhance patient engagement and uncover data that yields better outcomes while lowering costs.

Profitability For Your Practice

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average annual net profit for RPM per 100 patients
~$ 0 K
average annual net profit for CCM per 100 patients
~$ 0 K
average annual net profit with RPM+CCM per 100 patients
~$ 0 K

We’ve Positively Impacted Thousands Of Patients And Practices.
The Numbers Speak For Themselves.

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Explore what our full-service preventative care management programs can do for you and your patients.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Our monitoring and outreach drives patient engagement between visits and alerts staff to those with pressing needs.

Grow Profitability

We unlock over a dozen codes for monthly, recurring reimbursements for programs that CMS proactively wants you to implement.

Strengthen Patient Relationships

Discover how easy it is to be on the same page with patients between visits and watch outcomes improve.

Gain Visibility

Simplify how you manage resources and care management programs with real-time patient dashboards and pre-built financial reports.

Grow Patient Populations

Attract more referral sources and patients with increased quality scores, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction driving word-of-mouth.

Drive Patient Engagement

Increase patient adoption, engagement, and retention by streamlining communication via the technologies they use everyday.

What Makes Acquire Patients Different?

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Done-For-You Programs

We collect objective data from devices and existing systems as well as subjective data from patients to perform ALL of the manual and automated tasks and documentation needs required to get reimbursement in a done-for-you manner, whereas other remote care management providers ask a lot from the practice.

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Patient Engagement

>90% of patients who start engagement with our customizable clinical monitoring and outreach protocols are still in the program more than one year later. Our program makes it easy for your patients to stay connected between visits to ensure the best possible outcomes for them while optimizing reimbursements for your practice.

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Complete Care Management

With RPM, CCM, RTM, and TCM care management modules covering over a dozen codes, our program enables you to have one place to capture and manage all activities done for reimbursement. We also assign interactions to the right provider and bucket to avoid unnecessary audit risks and unrecognized revenue.

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Transparent Pricing

With totally transparent rates and zero upfront fees, our simple approach to pricing enables your practice to develop and scale robust care management programs with confidence that your operating costs will remain in fixed proportion to revenue as your practice grows and your patients benefit from the care programs.

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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying:

Dr. R. B., MD
Dr. R. B., MD
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Acquire Patients helped us scale our ENT practice into a multi-site, multi-disciplinary medical center. We were initially skeptical about the need for digital marketing since we were already busy, but we decided to take a chance with Curato... best ROI decision! These guys know medical practices inside-and-out! And they know exactly how to get you more patients that book appointments online and ACTUALLY SHOW UP FOR THEIR VISIT!
Dr. N.G., MD
Dr. N.G., MD
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Tremendous work! We had no website, no online presence, and just relied on our decades of good community work. This worked great for us until a competitor opened a few miles away with nearly the same name as our practice! And they had a very powerful online presence and got busy very quickly. My practice became stagnant, especially my sleep study centers, and I realized that I had to make a change... I hired Curato and BOOM! We're busier than ever!
Dr. R.M., MD
Dr. R.M., MD
Orthopedic Surgery
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The guys at Curato seriously know what they're doing. We had a digital marketing company before that made us a lackluster website, minimal communication, and their 'social media posting' was just cookie-cutter holiday messages. We got rid of them, and we decided to partner with Acquire Patients. Totally different experience! We were already busy, but now thanks to Curato, we scaled up the practice to hire more docs and PAs, multiplying ROI!
Dr. S.M., MD
Dr. S.M., MD
Internal Medicine
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We couldn't be happier! My partner and I dove into starting an independent internal medicine practice. We sought vendors that could help us get off the ground. Hands-down, our best decision was partnering with Curato. They understand all the challenges private practices face and launched digital marketing strategies tailored for our needs. As a startup, we needed to grow our brand, and Acquire Patients did an amazing job helping us!
Dr. C.S., MD
Dr. C.S., MD
Interventional Pain & Spine
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I've been running my pain practice for 8 years now with an average website, no social media, no SEO, no asking for reviews, no ads, and no medical blogs. And I was doing just fine! But seeing my peers boost growth with digital marketing led me to explore. I found Acquire Patients and they've been amazing. I signed-up, and all my marketing is set with zero burden on me or my staff! I'm getting noticeably more appointment requests! Highly recommend!

A Rich History of Success with Practices and Patients

See For Yourself How Acquire Patients Can Help You Build & Grow Your Preventative Care Management Program Today.

Now is the time to explore a better care management solution that gives you the confidence to grow your practice while empowering your patients with the confidence that they are jointly managing their complex conditions in a robust and proactively engaged way.

A Rich History of Success with Practices and Patients

See For Yourself How Acquire Patients Can Help You Build & Grow Your Preventative Care Management Program Today.

Now is the time to explore a better care management solution that gives you the confidence to grow your practice while empowering your patients with the confidence that they are jointly managing their complex conditions in a robust and proactively engaged way.

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