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Dr. R.I., MD
Dr. R.I., MD
ENT / Otolaryngology
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"Acquire Patients helped us scale our ENT practice into a multi-site, multi-disciplinary medical center. We were initially skeptical about the need for digital marketing since we were already busy, but we decided to take a chance with Acquire Patients... best ROI decision! These guys know medical practices inside-and-out! And they know exactly how to get you more patients that book appointments online and ACTUALLY SHOW UP FOR THEIR VISIT!"
Dr. S.M., MD
Dr. S.M., MD
Internal Medicine
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"We couldn't be happier! My partner and I dove into starting an independent internal medicine practice. We sought vendors that could help us get off the ground. Hands-down, our best decision was partnering with Acquire Patients. They understand all the challenges private practices face and launched digital marketing strategies tailored for our needs. As a startup, we needed to grow our brand, and Acquire Patients did an amazing job helping us!"
Dr. N.G., MD
Dr. N.G., MD
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"Tremendous work! We had no website, no online presence, and just relied on our decades of good community work. This worked great for us until a competitor opened a few miles away with nearly the same name as our practice! And they had a very powerful online presence and got busy very quickly. My practice became stagnant, especially my sleep study centers, and I realized that I had to make a change... I hired Acquire Patients and BOOM! We're busier than ever!"
Dr. R.M., MD
Dr. R.M., MD
Orthopedic Surgery
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"The guys at Acquire Patients seriously know what they're doing. We had a digital marketing company before that made us a lackluster website, minimal communication, and their 'social media posting' was just cookie-cutter holiday messages. We got rid of them, and we decided to partner with Acquire Patients. Totally different experience! We were already busy, but now thanks to Acquire Patients, we scaled up the practice to hire more docs and PAs, multiplying ROI!
Dr. C.S., MD
Dr. C.S., MD
Interventional Spine & Pain Management
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"I've been running my pain practice for 8 years now with an average website, no social media, no SEO, no asking for reviews, no ads, and no medical blogs. And I was doing just fine! But seeing my peers boost growth with digital marketing led me to explore. I found Acquire Patients and they've been amazing. I signed-up to their highest tier plan, and all my marketing is set with zero burden on my or my staff! I'm getting noticeably more appointment requests! Highly recommend!

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Growth With Acquire Patients

Acquire Patients is on a mission to help independent medical practices thrive by harnessing the power of integrated digital marketing to drive patient volume.  With decades of experience leading medical practice growth, Acquire Patients intertwines digital marketing service touchpoints with the real-world decision-making processes of patients in their journey to find, select, visit, and stay with their healthcare providers, thereby architecting the most proficient patient acquisition and retention system for medical practices.

Website Design & Management

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Media Advertising

Social Media Posting

Online Reputation Management

Partnered Growth Solutions

Website Design & Development

Establish a professional first impression

Medical practices require professionally crafted, mobile-optimized, patient-centric, continuously updated, conversion-driving websites in order to be found, trusted, and selected by patients online. Critical elements to incorporate in your medical website are:

  • Maximized UX with easy navigation & scheduling options
  • SEO-focused architecture that nourishes patient traffic
  • Content designed for immersive patient engagement
  • Conversion-drivers to move patients toward scheduling
  • Mobile-first responsiveness & ADA accessibility options
  • SSL security & malware defense to comply with HIPAA
  • Ongoing high-speed hosting, maintenance & frontend edits
Search Engine Optimization

Get found online by searching patients

93% of the time, patients perform Google searches to find the relevant specialist for their condition.  Your practice has to be on the first page of the search results if you wish to get found by such patients and drive organic growth to your medical practice. The first page contains detailed information on how to treat attention-deficiency/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with the drug strattera generic. especially since hospital systems, insurance companies, ACOs, etc. are steering patients into their own catch-nets.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves managing core web vitals, creating content, generating backlinks, and a fury of other website enhancement activities so to get you to appear on page one of relevant patient searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
Social Media Optimization

Engage patients where they are: social channels

Social media optimization (SMO) is a powerful avenue for medical practices to engage patients and build loyal following. Patients across the USA are already interfacing with brands and people of interest via social media channels for an average of 2.5 hours per day; failing to incorporate a social engagement strategy means you’re practice is missing out on reaching patients where they’re already spending their time!  Key channels that medical practices ought to optimize and create daily informative, educational, and/or promotional posts on include: Facebook and Instagram as well as Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Online Reviews Generation

Establish trust in patients seeking your service

Less than 30% of negative online medical practice reviews are about physicians or other providers; over 70% of negative reviews have to do with billing and payment issues, actual/perceived staff rudeness, long waiting times, and/or poor paperwork management, generally with a tone “the doctor was fine… BUT…”  As owners of medical practices, such reviews can absolutely destroy your online credibility, decimating your ability to acquire new patients.  This is especially true because over 84% of patients use online reviews to select a medical provider, and regard online reviews to be equally as valid as a word from family or friends!  

Paid Advertising

Target & campaign to patient segments

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or Paid, Advertising, is among the most effective marketing methodology for boosting new patient volume in a short amount of time.  However, your PPC ad campaigns need to be used strategically, not randomly, to obtain the results you want.  You must be able to successfully craft and populate your ads to appear in front of the right target patient audiences. 

Partnered Growth Solutions

Incorporate best-in-class innovations

Acquire Patients has created exclusive partnerships with top-quality, innovative solution providers that enable medical practices and healthcare organizations to thrive.  

  • are you experiencing high no-show rates?
  • are you spending hours of time daily on documentation? 
  • are you struggling to collect revenue in a timely manner?

Acquire Patients has vetted partner solutions for these challenges — and many, many more — to get you connected at exclusive partnership rates!

Driving Patient Volume To Your Medical Practice

Integrated Digital Marketing To Get More Patients

Our digital marketing services match the patient decision-making journey, thereby:  maximizing patient awareness about your practice ➔  generating patient interest in learning more about you ➔ cultivating patient desire to obtain care specifically from your practice versus others ➔ actionably driving patients through your doors.  

Our Solutions Boost Practice Growth By Digitally Integrating How Patients Find & Book Appointments With Providers

Patient Journey Mapping + Paralleled Digital Solutions:

Patient Journey Steps 1
Patients search online to find a healthcare provider that they believe will optimally fulfill their clinical needs.
Digital Solutions To Win Search Intent:
  • Direct Local Search Engine Optimization
  • NAP-Consistent Citation, Directory, Aggregator & Business Listings
  • GMB Page Optimization & Management
  • Geo-Targeted, Competitive Keyword Search Engine Optimization
  • High Domain Authority & Web 2.0 Backlinking
  • Syndicated, Geo-/Industry-Targeted, SEO-Optimized Press Releases
  • Paid Search (Google Ads) & Paid Social (Facebook Ads) Campaigns
  • Social Media Pages Optimization & Management
Patient Journey Step 2
Patients explore your website and assess your profile, determining if you resonate with them as a possible solution to their needs over competitors.
Digital Solutions To Win Consideration:
  • Patient-Centric, Mobile-Optimized, UX/UI-Focused Website
  • Page Speed Loading Time Maximization 
  • Professional, Authentic Provider Profiles & Pages
  • Google "EAT," "YMYL" & "Beneficial Purpose" Criteria-Centric Content Generation
  • Consistent, Continuous, Patient-Centric Content Development & Scheduling
Patient Journey Step 3
Patients meticulously analyze third-party reviews and testimonials to confirm if they can trust you and to find red-flags for why they shouldn't.
Digital Solutions To Win Validation:
  • Positive Online Reviews Generation
  • Reputation Management
  • Website Testimonials
  • High Domain Authority Guest Positing
Patient Journey Step 4
Patients decide to select and book an appointment with the healthcare provider that they envision will fulfill their needs based on searched data.
Digital Solutions To Win Decision:
  • Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • Intuitive Online Access To Request Appointment Booking
  • Heatmap Optimized Call-To-Action 
Patient Journey Step 5
Patients actually visit their selected healthcare provider for their appointment either in-person or remotely via telemedicine portal access.
Digital Solutions To Win Appointment:
  • Efficient Website Access To Telemedicine Portal (If Applicable) At Appointment Time
  • Readily-Accessible Patient Portal On Website
Patient Journey Step 6
Patients internally acknowledge the competence of their healthcare provider and the overall experience they had during their appointment visit.
Digital Solutions To Win Retention:
  • Internal Patient Feedback Surveys 
  • Patient Social Media Engagement
  • Updated Patient-Centered Website Content
  • Patient Education-Focused Email Newsletter Campaigns
Patient Journey Step 7
Patients freely praise the quality care that they experienced so to loyally advocate for their provider, thereby generating organic word-of-mouth practice growth.
Digital Solutions To Win Advocacy:
  • Positive Online Reviews Generation
  • Patient Testimonials Acquisition For Omni-Channel Presentation
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Our team is committed to delivering unmatched healthcare digital marketing solutions to every single practice that partners with us. 

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Acquire Patients is built on three core principles that mutually bind our values to our client practices:

Acquire Patients is built on three core principles:


Our singular focus is digitally growing independent medical practices whose singular focus is the delivery of optimal patient care.


We are top-tier, client-centric healthcare marketing executives, and we exclusively partner with top-quality, patient-centric healthcare providers.


No binding contracts. No hidden fees. No hassles. You have enough burdens to deal with. We're here to drive your growth and alleviate your headaches.

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